Central Methodist Church Launceston

reaching out with Christ at the Centre

All Church Services and Social Meetings are currently cancelled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

Service sheets have been produced by the Methodist Church and will be provided each week on this site.
We are encouraging chapels to use this at the same time as their chapel service would have been on Sunday
so that we feel that we are still worshipping together, although not physically being together.

During the pandemic, Services adapted for no physical congregation will be live streamed from Wesley’s Chapel in London
Service times: Wednesday 12:45; Thursday 12:45 ; Sunday 9:45 and 11:00.

Wednesday Fellowship

The Wednesday Fellowship meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons in the Dingley Hall at 2.30pm. 

We have a full programme of speakers and activities and end our afternoons with refreshments.
Everyone - both men and women - are made very welcome and we invite you to join us for a short time of fellowship.

If you need more information or to arrange transport to and from the meetings please telephone Angela Noakes (01566 773440) or Jenny Worth (01566 772615).

Wednesday 29th November 2017 - Flower Arranging in Dingley Hall with Elaine Wright



2017 - A Visit to the Bridge Church and altogether in June for  Summer Cream Tea at Jenny's





Our 2017 programme of meetings on Wednesday afternoons commenced on 11 January when Rev Malcolm Jones started the new year looking at Jesus calling his first disciples – his theme “come and see”.  We talked about the meaning of names – both those given to Jesus and our own Christian names.

Our next meeting was entitled Poetry Afternoon – not too highbrow!  We spent a pleasant time sharing favourite poems and hymns.  

Mrs Pauline Metherell read two poems written by her late husband, Ivor, and two other members had written their own contributions.  


Some years ago Jack Levis and a friend had composed a hymn – which we sang to the tune Galway Bay...


One holy morn a babe lay in a manger.
His mother, Mary, watched with eyes so fair,
While angels came and worshipped leaven's life gift,
And wise men brought their gifts of treasures rare.

When only just a boy of twelve he wandered,
His parents searched Jerusalem in vain,
And; at last, they found him in God's holy temple
Hearing learned men and answering the same.

At thirty he came down to Jordan a river.
To he baptized, as the multitude had done.
There was never such a scene before or after
As when God's spirit came and rested on his son.

But wicked men with cruel hands did take him
And nailed him, Christ our Saviour, to a tree.
Now the blood that stains the slopes of Calvary's mountain
Cleanses my soul from sin, and I'm set free.


...and Jenny Worth compiled a poem listing all our names and their meanings.

I like to come to fellowship
My friends I'm keen to see
Their names are very varied
This is what they mean to me

We used to be just women
But now we're pleased to see
a <<man>> - that's Jack
The meaning from down along a wee

I come to church by car each week
And with me as I go
Dorothea <<gift of God>>, Pauline <<small and humble>>
and Lorna - alas we do not know

Our afternoons are thanks to Angela
A <<messenger>> by name is sure
She brings with her <<gracious>> Jean
And Glenys <<clean, holy and pure>>

We stay for tea or coffee
Made by our friends from Elmslea
Hester who is <<a star>>
And Sally <<princess, noblewoman, lady>>

The healthy ones walk in to church
Or maybe come by bus
Margaret <<a pearl>>, Sylvia << a wood>>
And Pam, << sweet » Pam are now with us

Unfortuneatley our <<noble>> Pat 
fell and broke her hip
And often Heather <<flower of the moor>>
Has given us the slip

So as you can hear from this ditty
I won't get a prize for my writing
But the old Cornish name of Jennifer
Is a <<fair, white, phantom, magical being>>

All in all we enjoyed a very interesting afternoon which demonstrated some of the talents of our members.

During the summer the fellowship enjoys occasional social trips out and about in Cornwall. This last summer we went to Widemouth Bay and the Brooks garden centre near Bude. The photos below are great evidence of the fun we all had.


wednesday fellowship outing4 wednesday fellowship outing1
wednesday fellowship outing2 wednesday fellowship outing3


At a recent meeting the speaker Mrs Mary Tucker took as her theme 'My favourite things'.  Part of the afternoon was spent making coasters out of painted wooden sticks - members had great fun writing some of their favourite things on the sticks and then assembling the coasters.  It was good to see everyone enjoying the time together - even those over 90 can enjoy making!


wednesday fellowship craft1 wednesday fellowship craft2
wednesday fellowship craft3 wednesday fellowship craft4

The Wednesday Fellowship enjoyed an excellent Christmas Lunch together at the Trethorne Leisure Farm near Launceston on Wednesday 7th December 2016. Even Santa paid a visit...




Foodbank Appeal

Can you help?

In the current epidemic crisis there is a very big need for food contributions for the Launceston Foodbank.

If you can help, please leave your contributions in the collection points at Tescos or the Cooperative food stores who support the scheme.

More information here


Spring Harvest

for all the family online … and its free!
Sadly, this year’s Spring Harvest event has been cancelled due to the pandemic. However even though this has left them with a £1.5m hole in their accounts which threatens their very future they are planning to launch the event online via Spring Harvest Home on YouTube from 13th – 17th April.

We can’t go to Spring Harvest this year so they're bringing Spring Harvest to us! - and it will be free and accessible for all. This is an amazing annual event for absolutely all of the family and will include adapted versions of the Big Start, Bible teaching, worship, seminars and perhaps some more light-hearted viewing, right through the day.

The team are currently working non-stop (in self isolation of course) to ensure this reaches us.

Spring Harvest Home will be on YouTube at the following link: SH2020 ...and please subscribe to the Spring Harvest channel and put the dates in your diary.

Moving forward, Spring Harvest believes that they will be able to deliver Spring Harvest again in 2021. Nobody knows what the long-term consequences Covid-19 will have for the event and our nation, but with us standing with them, they firmly believe they will be back next year.